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Re: Spirit/CR/s16.

>Also: Geoffrey Boyle wrote about his positive experiences with the
>C-reality. Did not know they had a 16 gate on it yet (was not at IBC)
>but it is positive that the project is now moving forward. However, as
>for a "2K machine being the only right way to go for at Tv transfer"
>there is something I must have missed. The CR, as far as I know, works
>at 625 for Tv res. and is switched to 2K for hi-res. while the Spirit
>always runs 2k. Is there something I have missed?
>Best regards
>Kris, Destiny-601 & The Warehouse, Copenhagen.

Hi Kris,
I'd love to see a print of some of the stuff your doing, sounds fun!

Just to answer your question.
C Reality runs at the same line resolution as Spirit in 625 mode. There is
some spatial interpolation down to 625 again like Spirit. An anti-aliasing
digital function exploits this to remove aliasing.
For now the horizontal sample frequency is not interpolated down but is
fixed in 625 mode. This will change during the beta testing period whereby
the store output will have interpolation added. 
The quality of the optics and scanning system accounts for the stunning
sharpness and picture quality.
The solid state detectors are incredible for pulling detail out of film.
Noise is absent.

What C-Reality does have over Spirit right now is full uncompromised colour
bandwidth at 2K resolution in each colour plane  and an inbuilt 2K/HDTV
colour corrector which is very powerful and qualifies on Hue,
saturation,luminance. This reinforces the design purpose of CR as a visual
FX "ScannerCine".

Note also,  Spirit does not scan at 2K, it scans at HDTV and interpolates up
to 2K.

C Reality's data output is a true 2048x1536 pixel scan in red, green and

As I said before there is now a choice of good telecines.

Kind wishes

Paul "anarchy in the UK" Grace
Rushes -  London


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