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I work for Virgin Digital Studios
I also own an R&D company called First Art.
I have not worked for Cintel since 1991.

I think Philips philishave electric shavers are the best in the world.
Philips have not paid me to say this. ;-)

Seriously though, both telecines are great in their own way, what is
exciting is just how far the quality of telecine transfers has progressed. I
think Spirit was a catalyst for this. C-Reality has now picked up the torch.
This has made people re evaluate what is achievable from different formats
and lighting conditions. Kris mentioned the Arri film recorder and I'm in
agreement, it will be very interesting to test this out and will (if it
performs as it suggests) elevate the film out standards  to more people. I
am very interested in this product. 
And no, I am not German and do not work for Arri either.

I have no interest in arguing a C-Reality/Spirit war, that's for salesmen to
bore us with. I am just passionate about technology and creativity.

All comments and views on any mailing list must be taken as an individuals
personal opinion.
This is common sense.

Kind wishes

Thanks to Rich Torpey for support in 1998.
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