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Re: C-Reality $$$

On Sep 27, 12:01am, Kenneth Cosi wrote:
> Subject: Re: [TIG] C-Reality $$$
> All this compersion of the image is great.  But what do you all think about
> the future compersion of the price?

	At last weeks SMPTE meeting Cintel stated that a full blown C-Reality
(525/625, 2K data, 16/35 gates, etc.) would go for $1,280k. Philips has said
that the total cost of ownership of the Spirit is less than it would seem from
their substantially higher purchase price due to lower maintenance and
consumeables cost (xenon lamp vs crt) but for the $125k a Spirit 16mm gate
costs I can buy a LOT of crts.
	BTW, I still love the look of the Spirit at video res and I'm awaiting
a chance to more fully evaluate the C-Reality.
	Disclaimer - I don't work for any manufacturers etc.

Rich Torpey

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