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disclaimers (was Re: Spirit/CR/s16.)

On Sep 27, 16:22, Kris wrote:
} Subject: Re: [TIG] Spirit/CR/s16.

> BTW. I don't think it is necessary with all these disclaimers. We
> co-operate with all our vendors in order to help them improve their
> products (Discreet, Sony, Philips, DaVinci, Celco and others...). Beta
> tests and good feedback will eventually lead to better, more user
> oriented, products for general benefit of the industry.

Yes, it can be very worthwhile to speak freely about the products one
uses-- it can contribute to development.

I suggest strongly, however, that TIG readers be wary of any posting
to this group that praises a particular product, that does not
disclaim a direct financial benefit from such espousal.  The Usenet
newsgroups community, which newsgroups this list closely resembles,
discovered several years ago that attribution and responsibility from
the author of an article are very important in determining the
authenticity of that article's information.  Though a seasoned
engineer in a primary market may understand the connection between a
particular correspondent's viewpoints and the equipment
(mis)represented, many TIG readers, in far-flung climes, prefer to
know how seriously to consider the source.

It's fairly simple-- if you praise a product, and don't disclaim,
prepare not to be taken seriously. 

And, for those manufacturers who need to advise us of their new
things, a marketing organ exists --the telecine-announce group-- that
is distributed to TIG subscribers as a supplement.

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