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Re: Spirit/CR/s16.

On Sep 27, 10:30am, Kris wrote:
> Generally, I think "2K" means around 2.000 lines, not that
> it has to be precisely 2048 (the Genesis/Cineon "2K" standard is only

	On the contrary, if you're doing data work it better be exact. We've
had problems in the past where we would do a 2k (2048x1556) scan for an fx shot
and had geometry calibration problems with a service bureau( to remain
nameless) we used to output back to film. A few pixels make a big difference
when you look at a projected image - ie. 2048/1832 is more than a 10% error or
3 feet different position on a 30' screen. However, you can use different
sample rates as long as you are consistent - I was surprised at how low a
sample rate is acceptable for some material. At Siggraph a few years ago I was
at a lecture by Dennis Muren discussing Terminator 2 where many shots were done
at less than 1k.

Rich Torpey

Thanks to Rich Torpey for support in 1998.
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