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questions from Hungary

this was stuck in the mail queue here from when alegria.com was down,
but I post it here in hopes it's not too late to help Sandor in
Budapest.  Please direct responses directly to ksmtv at freemail.c3.hu,
as Sandor is not currently subscribed to the TIG so won't see posts
made only to the group.  thank you.  --Rob

--- Forwarded mail from ksmtv at freemail.c3.hu (Sandor Kis)

Dear colourist collegues !  I'm Sandor Kis from Hungary. I work at the
Hungaryan Television in Budapest as a telecine colourist. At present
we are using Bosch FDL 60 type telecines. Now a new studio is being
built when old films will be restored and copied to Digital betacam
system. We wiil have an FDL quadra with da Vinci Lite and Philips
VS4. May i as you to write about your experiences and opinions in case
you work with similar devices.  I am especially interested in the type
of backgroud lighting to be used in the studio which does not disturb
the eye and the type of background to be put behind the monitor to get
an ideal coloured vision.  Thank you for your help in advance.

Sandor Kis <ksmtv at freemail.c3.hu>
 - Friday, September 04, 1998 at 11:42:19 (PDT)

--- End of forwarded message from ksmtv at freemail.c3.hu (Sandor Kis)

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