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Re: Correction timing

On Sep 30, 13:14, Bill Varley wrote:
} Subject: [TIG] Correction timing

> I wonder if I could ask a few questions of TIG members?

Regarding this message from Bill Varley, and the posting of 'surveys'
to the TIG:

as Bill has discovered in the responses to his survey, most TIG
subscribers are wary of being asked to spend valuable time answering a
survey, particularly when the exact purpose of such survey is not
disclosed, and any commercial use not disclaimed.  It can be difficult
to determine the motives behind the posting of a survey... in order to
clarify and simplify this situation for the future, surveys are not
permitted except under unusual circumstances, e.g. pertaining to
matters of immediate importance to the TIG, with explicit purpose
adequately explained, and with results made available to TIG
subscribers.  If you have a survey to post, it must be sent to me
first, and you must realize that we have a narrow definition of
permissible surveys.

Now, to clarify Bill's purpose and to answer those who might question
his motives, I'll quote from his message to me:

> Who am I?  I am an engineer working in the post/SPFX industry. I am
> not a manufacturer nor have I ever been. My primary job is maintaining
> these beasts. I have three different colour correctors in my facility.

> Purpose: The purpose of my survey is to determine if THE basic
> operation of a colour corrector has been overlooked, perhaps in favour
> of trinkets.  That's my opinion. I did not ask for the names of the
> colour correctors used by respondent, because I don't care. That isn't
> the point.

> Intent: I do not intend to mention names or manufacturers. As you can
> see, my questions are very basic and don't ask those questions. I ask
> for no detail. I did hope to find out what I've stated under
> purpose. I have no intention to be sued for slander or liable.

> Results:
> I will post the results ( if you wish ) as:
> Total number of respondent = nnn
> Answer A = % nnn
> Answer B = % nnn
> etc...

as you can see, a survey can become a thorny issue, that creates a lot
of extra work for everyone (including me).  Please don't post surveys
to the TIG without explicit permission, thank you.

TIG admin

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