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Little did I know the hornets nest into which I have nakedly wondered. 
Suffice to say that I appreciate Rob's advice on this subject.
To those wishing to respond to this survey I ask two things and two
things ONLY.
One: Respond only to my email address, NOT the TIG. Results will be
posted ( OK Rob?) as stated in my quoted text in Rob's recent post.
Two: Answer the survey by choosing the letter which best represents your
feelings/observations/impressions/biorythem. I don't want details. I'm
not looking to screw anyone and I'm not asking (thanks all the same) for
help.  I tried to make this thing quick. We're all busy people.
I appologise to those who feel this is not relevent to the TIG.

Bill ( apparently very naive ) Varley
wvarley at compt.com

Thanks to Steve Robinson and Phil Voss for support in 1998.
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