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Re: code on alternate color rcdgs

On 9/30/98 Rob Lingelbach wrote:

>Some clients are asking, more frequently lately, to have the code
>repeat --the pickups (alternate colors) are done at the same code as
>the original.

What I have found most often is that the "creative editor," as opposed to
the "button pusher" [:-)] is not only just too lazy to go back into
off-line and generate a correct EDL*, but doesn't even want to bother
writing down the numbers/description to give the on-line editor.

I have never been given a good reason  for duplicate TC. I'm not sure if
"We'll find it." is good enough, but it will have to do.


*I am aware that there are times when the client is going immediately into
edit and can't go to off-line, but that doesn't explain not even bothering
to write down the new offset numbers.

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