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re:code on alternate color rcdgs

On Oct 1, 20:36, Dean Humphus wrote:
} Subject: re:[TIG] code on alternate color rcdgs

> What happens if the next straight shot from the dailies code is at the
> alternate code you chose?  Seems like a lot of trouble to make sure
> you don't duplicate this code in the alternate if the next straight
> shot happens to be at that offset code.

it's really not too much trouble, you just make sure there is space in
the EDL before the next shot, or you do it at the end of the roll,
before the next neg roll's timecode hour.  And, this is a good
argument for transferring dailies at timecode hours, or half-hours,
etc. to leave some timecode room for these alternates.

> Just record enough handle on either side of the alt shot so that
> doesn't happen, (I'm assuming you mean cueing over code breaks).

actually, I mean cueing through repeating or non-ascending code, it
can cause very unpredictable behavio(u)r.  Certain concepts still
hold, learned on CMX with the PDP-11 :]

> organized such that it was clear (in their notes, for instance) that
> there may be discontinuities in the code.  They deal with it.

OK, that's good to know.  ...but what if the tape leaves that editor's
hands, and wends its way to (for example) Los Angeles, where an editor
doesn't have access to the notes, etc.?  

My instincts I think have been verified by the responses here on the
TIG, particularly from editors, that it isn't a good idea to record
non-ascending code, and I'm going to suggest strongly to clients that
we not do it, when there is an easy alternative.

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