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product development (SpiDDR)

Nigel Hadley sends me the following to post to the group.... with
respect to the discussion we've been having about surveys, I'll point
out that Nigel's post seems fine because 1) it's not a survey per se,
with multiple questions requiring substantial time on the part of the
responder; 2) he identifies himself and his affiliation clearly 3) he
and his company support the TIG :]

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From: Nigel Hadley <nigel.hadley at postimpressions.co.uk>
To: Rob Lingelbach <rob at alegria.com>
Subject: Data from Spirit

>From Nigel Hadley - Post Production development - Post Impressions

We manufacturer a disc recorder product and I am seeking information
from the telecine world about certain file useage.

Our product SpiDDR is capable of storing data output in DPX format from
a Spirit. Could Spirit customers who have the data output option please
let me know what format they normally output?
Is it TVlinear, or TVlog ?


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