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8 Perf 35mm

Does anyone have any experience transferring 8 perf 'VistaVision' 35mm film
in real time? I know VistaVision is a 65mm format, but we have some time
lapse shot on 35mm with a still camera and we want to transfer it at real
time to DigiBeta. The images are arranged horizontally (hence the
'VistaVision') I know we will have to rotate it and matte it, but is there a

way to see all 8 perfs worth of the image? We can get about 6 perfs worth of
image right now. I know there is a 'Still Frame' gate available, but can you
run the Rank in real time with this gate? And how much of the 35mm image
does it show?
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Ed Colman
SuperDailies-Los Angeles
superdailies at earthlink.net

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