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RX for quiet

Has been fairly quiet here on the TIG for the past couple of weeks,
though not at all unusual.  The period following the major trade shows
(NAB, IBC) is one of recovery, social exhaust, and clarification of

I'm told that sometimes a prospective question or comment isn't posted
to the TIG, as those who have reputations to preserve may fear the
exposure on a mailinglist with such wide (1000+ subscribers)

So, I've implemented a new web-based discussion forum for the TIG
based on HyperNews; it is an 'open' discussion center with potential
for multiple forums (fora).  It could serve as a less formal option
for some- for example, one can use a nickname or handle.

the URL for the first, general forum is

..the new user of HyperNews is led through a registration/password
process that ensures security.  We can consider, for the future,
gatewaying HyperNews and the TIG mailinglist together, perhaps only in
one direction: mailinglist-->HyperNews.

Some long-time TIG subscribers might remember a similar experiment in
1995 when we had "NetForum" for web-based messaging.  It was only
partially successful, as the web was new to many.

Please make use of HyperNews and let me know what you think. 


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