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Survey Results Corrector Timing

As promised, here are the results of the survey.
There were 11 responses ( Wow! ).
When it comes to correction timing...
Five answered = A) my colour suite performs perfectly.   
Two answered  = B) sometimes my suite performs perfectly but not always. 
None answered = C) my suites performs perfectly in one standard (625 or
525) but not
None answered = D) my suite performs perfectly in both standards but
only at certain
None answered = E) my suite timing is really kacked but I don't need
frame accuracy. 
One answered  = F) I would trade two bells and a whistle for a corrector
that worked.
None answered = G) it's none of your business.
One answered  = H) I have this to say.
One asked me questions but gave no answer.
One response was not an answer to this survey but an apinion of the TIG.
Wombat...your answer is in there too!

Bill Varley
wvarley at compt.com

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