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You'd be surprised at how much "airplay" that webcam has gotten over
the past couple of years.  It started out as a plaything for me and Andy,
but before you know it, we were getting hits and email from all over
the world.  One of the more popular comments goes something like "I
see all sorts of webcams with boring postcard subjects, like the Statue
of Liberty or the skyline, but we like your webcam because it's really
'New York', with a hot dog guy and everything!"

Lots of people ask about the hot dog guy.  Also, lots of Brazilian
hits because 45&5 is the crossroads of "Little Brasil".  We see people
standing on the corner for long periods.  Turns out they had pre-arranged
for a relative in the home country to surf the cam at a specific time
to get a "live" postcard greeting from The Big Apple.

We've been written up in a few British publications, the New York Times
and now mentioned in Time.  Damn!

[Well, it hasn't exactly increased business, but who cares!  Sometimes
you'll see the hot dog guy wearing an MTE hat.]

On Wed, 14 Oct 1998 15:04:03 -0500  Rob Lingelbach wrote:
>An essay in the current TIME magazine (October 19) mentions Manhattan
>Transfer/Edit's live web camera at www.mte.com/webcam/.  I hope MTE's
>server can handle the load :\.
>--Rob Lingelbach

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