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On Oct 14, 16:35, bill topazio wrote:
} Subject: RE: [TIG] MTE in TIME

> we like your webcam because it's really
> 'New York', with a hot dog guy and everything!"

hey, could you put a little more light on the hot dog guy BT?

> Also, lots of Brazilian
> hits because 45&5 is the crossroads of "Little Brasil".

I happened to be on that block during the World Cup, and can vouch for
the area's sabor do brasil.

> We've been written up in a few British publications, the New York Times
> and now mentioned in Time.  Damn!

can you give some specifications on the setup?

> [Well, it hasn't exactly increased business, but who cares!  Sometimes
> you'll see the hot dog guy wearing an MTE hat.]

with this further publicity, I have no doubt that the hot dog guy will
soon have friends from Cintel and Philips offering hats.

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