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Re: Real Time Steady Gate

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<< Assuming the camera is as
 close to perfect as possible, the accuracy of the telecine's pin
 registration will determine the quality of the composite, unless and
 until the compositor intercedes with steadying of his/her own.
Rob and Steve McWilliams, 

As an editor/compositor, what advise do you and others give regarding what to
tell clients about to shoot layered material in so much as to what kind of
camera has the best steadiness control ? I am referring to your comment above
"...assuming the camera is close to perfect as possible...". What camera is
the choice these days ? 
I sometimes get frantic phone calls from clients with shoot days upon them
with these type questions. It would be comforting to know what camera to use
and what direction to go in the transfer i.e. steadigate (as you answered
before) . Are there specific camera choices that mandate a specific telecine
steady gate procedure ?

David Crosthwait
Modern Videofilm
Burbank, CA

Thanks to Glenn Eason of Hillcrest Engineering for support in 1998.
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