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Re: Re: Real Time Steady Gate Which camera to use.

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<<As an editor/compositor, what advise do you and others give regarding what
tell clients about to shoot layered material in so much as to what kind of
camera has the best steadiness control ? >>

A well maintained camera is steady. A poorly maintained camera is not.
I had an old Eclair A.C.L. ( 16mm) The Specs on that camera was vertical
stability of 1/1000 the image height. Aaton's are spec'd at 1/2000 of image
height if I recall. I am not sure of Arri - SR Specifications.
Is 16mm still being steadied by a side roller, that I think would tend to
favor the Aaton, over the Arri ( which has a reg pin). 

In 35 mm.
Oxberry, with Pins that are part of the Aperature plate and never move is
steadiest - IMHO ( also in 16mm)
Mitchell, has two Reg pins, , as done Panavision ( I'm not sure if both are
fully fitting, I think Only one is.)
The Arri 35BL -1 had four pull down claws ( two double pronged claws) and two
Reg pins, later 35 BL madels had just two pull down claws.
( two reg pins, one fully fitting, one has a little clearance side to side I
Arri IIc, No reg pin ( A well maintained camera ...)
Arri III Has a single Reg pin, however it engages a perf other than the perf
engaged by an optical printer for registration, so in theory it could be a
problem. (I have worked on commercials which used an Arri III for doing
composites, and they were fine.)  However For film Matte roll opticals, an
Arri III isn't used very often ( ever?)
I'm not sure of the newer generation of Arri Cameras, the 535, and the 435,
however I believe both have two Reg pins, and they both engage the Industry
standard perf ( as in the 35 BL system)
I can't swear to the moviecam, it has been a while since I've seen it, but I
believe it also has the two Reg pins.
Hope this helps
Steven Gladstone

Thanks to Glenn Eason of Hillcrest Engineering for support in 1998.
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