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Re: Re: Real Time Steady Gate Which camera to use.

On Oct 22, 11:42, Veenotph at aol.com wrote:
} Subject: Re:  Re: [TIG]  Real Time Steady Gate Which camera to use.

> A well maintained camera is steady. A poorly maintained camera is not.
> I had an old Eclair A.C.L. ( 16mm) The Specs on that camera was vertical
> stability of 1/1000 the image height. Aaton's are spec'd at 1/2000 of image
> height if I recall. I am not sure of Arri - SR Specifications.

Steven's answer reminds me that the original question didn't specify
that the discussion was limited to 35mm.  However, I've worked on very
little 16mm shot for compositing work.

> In 35 mm.
> Oxberry, with Pins that are part of the Aperature plate and never move is
> steadiest - IMHO ( also in 16mm)

Is the Oxberry used for motion control stage situations, as well as
animation stand (flat art) setups?

> Mitchell, has two Reg pins, , as done Panavision ( I'm not sure if both are
> fully fitting, I think Only one is.)

the fairly common Steadifilm products I'd mentioned in the previous
have two pins, one fully fitting and the other a guide pin.  That
fully fitting pin is at the northwest corner of a typical 35mm frame,
and in telecine steady tests, we usually look at the southeast corner
as exhibiting the most variation, due to the distance from the pin.

FWC Dallas

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