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Re: Real Time Steady Gate

>> what kind of
>> camera has the best steadiness control? 
>I believe the Mitchell camera movement has long been the standard of
>the industry for steadiness.  Would someone from the
>effects/production environment care to comment further on other
Yes, a well maintained Mitchell is the venerable workhorse of steady
shooting, as long as you're shooting MOS :-). Still really the best,
especially for multi-pass moco work.

Most of the Panavision and newer Arri cameras with the double claw work
well as long as they have been maintained correctly. Hard to overemphasize
this: the camera must have been maintained by a trained pro who understands
the importance of precision alignment.

Most reputable rental houses will let clients shoot a steady test to ensure
that things are working right.

As for clients who call at the very last minute (night before or day of the
shoot) in a panic, they deserve to pay the price for extensive post work to
fix their lack of foresight or hiring or inexperienced personnel. 

I am seeing more and more of this, as people doing effects shoots hire less
experienced crews and rent from the house with the cheapest rates, then
freak out when there are problems once they walk into post.

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