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Re: Re: Re: Real Time Steady Gate Which camera to use.

In a message dated 10/22/1998 12:54:09, you wrote:

<<Is the Oxberry used for motion control stage situations, as well as
animation stand (flat art) setups?

I was just giving a short list of cameras. The Oxberry is Usually mounted on
an Animation stand, but As I used to Shoot motion graphics, and towards the
end of my doing that, the client wanted separate passes so they could control
the color, it does still apply. I haven't seen an Oxberry on a mo-con rig, it
doesn't mean it hasn't been done, I haven't seen it. I believe the Bell and
Howell 2709 has the same arrangement for Registration as the Oxberry. The
F.P.S. limit on an Oxberry is 16-18 F.P.S., or somewhere in there.
I didn't mention the Panastar ( High speed up to 120 F.P.s. I think, which has
reg pins), The Willcam series, Any of the Photosonic camera, the Image 300, or
others, as I don't know enough about them.
In 16mm high speed, I beleive the Redlake Locam has reg pins, however the
Ultra high speed,  Hycam ( up to 11,000 F.P.S. ) has neither Reg pins, nor
pull down claws, it is a rotating prism camera. 
There are many different Mitchell cameras, and some variations on the
movements between them, although I think that is mostly to accomodate Sound.

Steven Gladstone

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