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Setting up the new room in Boston!  I just heard that Brian is no longer at
Steadifilm in Atlanta (he's been with TKI for a couple months?).  Who is the
contact at Steadifilm now?  I plan to check steadiness on our new Diamond to
see how good the Cintel gate/jumpfree is before I buy an RTS gate or
something else.  What test films do people use?  I had only used the ones
that came with the RTS gates.  As far as steadying film transfers goes, I
have been a believer in SteadiFilm's RTS gates w/ Metaspeed-plus for Cintel
machines.  It works great on Skyviews' Cintel Turbo+ machines. Long ago
forgotten are the nights spent pinning in NON-real-time!  Production people
should remember that RTS or pinning in telecine only removes the "telecine
ride" imperfections of  constant motion telecines, thus only steadying the
film to match the steadiness to which the camera captured the images.  This
anomaly (once awful) has been shrunk to very tolerable imperfections for
most composting situations as new technology finds its way into new machines
and hot-rodded machines.

Greg Dildine
Finish - Boston

Thanks to Al Hart of Modern Videofilm for support in 1998.
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