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DVNR dirt fixes

I received an out of house tape that had been color corrected and run
through the DVNR for dirt fixes.  I tried to remove the remaining dirt using
the ASCII.  The ASCII is DVNR's newest way to fix dirt by isolating an area
and having  separate controls for inside the isolated area.  I have had
success in removing dirt in the past, however on this tape I  had some
trouble.  After stepping through the original tape I discovered that  the
dirt spots that I could not fix lasted a duration of 4 or 5 fields.  This
makes no sense to me.  The duration should be either 2 or 3 fields long. 

I believe that the original was shot on 16neg and blown up for 35 release.
Maybe the optical blowup or maybe the original DVNR treatment caused some
kind of lag??  Any suggestions or fixes.  The DVNR can't seem to handle
anything over 3 fields.

Frank Smith
fsmith at gtninc.com
senior colorist
GTN Oak Park  Michigan

Thanks to Al Hart of Modern Videofilm for support in 1998.
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