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Re: paper on CRT technology

Rob wrote:

>I've been sent an illustrated paper on technology of the CRT, and
>asked to put it up on the web, by Jerry Rodgers of the National Film
>and TV Archives, part of the British Film Institute.  It's at
>Because I'm not familiar with the authority represented in this
>article, I hereby ask for opinions of the TIG subscribers who may
>understand more clearly the salient points.

Hmmmmm.  Is this the same Jerry Rodgers who was with Rank Cintel as the
main developer of the Topsy and Amigo color correction systems?

I feel the article to be concluding that scanning film with CRT's is
difficult and so therefore won't work.  The conclusion at the end seems to
say that the Spirit is the only way to go and yet there are no arguments or
details at all to support this conclusion.  The same sort of reasoning
could be used to state that CCD's are complex, the electronics needed to
make this technology are costly and difficult to produce so therefore it
won't work.  I conclude that this article is not what it states it is, an
objective study of using CRT technology to scan film at fairly high

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