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Re: Paper on CRT Technology

	The paper describes an extremely simplistic model of a CRT based on
references from:

Ref: Mc Graw-Hill publications. Electrical & Electronic Eng, Samuel Seely Ph.D.

Edward Arnold Publication. Electricity & Magnetism, M. Nelkon M.Sc. (London).

I think things have advanced a little since then. The authors model CRT assumes
simple deflection coils with very simple drive signals. Modern CRT applications
in display devices and flying spots use much more intelligent management with
beam current feedback, dynamic focus modulation, etc. factors which this paper
does not address. The authors' concerns in the article are valid however it
doesn't appear that he has researched the manner in which they are addressed in
modern equipment. The article seems to be similar to analyzing a simple convex
lens in the 1800's then concluding that you'll never be able to get more than
limited performance without abberations in the 20th century while never looking
at modern compound/coated optics to see that others are already doing what
you've said is impossible.

Rich Torpey

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