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Re: paper on CRT technology

On Thu, 29 Oct 1998 09:05:58 -0600, you wrote:
>thanks Martin.  I've had reason to doubt that a one-sheet paper could
>raise and resolve a myriad of issues, with illustrated formulae, and
>then go on to recommend a particular approach.  The motive of the
>author, however, given his credentials, is unclear to me.
>Other comments?
You just never know who is being compensated to do what (publicly) these

There are people who have spent years presenting themselves as consumer
advocates being paid large sums of money (it finally comes out) to tout one
side or another of some initiatives on the California ballot.

Why, I believe there's even a white paper floating about written by a
respected industry member touting the very DTV standard that the computer
industry is interested in seeing become THE standard, and it turns out
(after I had to repeatedly ask the question) the writing of the paper was
financed by Microsoft.

As Claude Rains said in Casablanca: "I am shocked, SHOCKED, to find
gambling going on on these premises."

This email message was brought to you by a coalition of California
taxpayers interested in God, Truth, Mom, Apple Pie, the American Way of
Life, and the letter "F".


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