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Re: paper on CRT technology

It seems odd these days to come up with conclusions based or articles
written in the late 50's and early 60's. Digital deflection and improved
coils have removed a lot of the early geometry problems. Discounting all
of the math stated in this paper and looking at it from our clients side
( the pictures ) the CRT is working quite well in the High Definition
arena. Yes here at IVC we are deeply involved in CRT machines. This is
not because we are out to prove that CRT's are the right way and CCD's
are the wrong way. Believe me it would have been much easier in the
early days to have a CCD machine we could plug in and make HD pictures
on instantly. It came about from the shear economics of it all in the
short term.We have struggled long and hard here to bring the MKIII HD up
to the level of CCD machines. We have gone through a number of client
comparisons of film transfers in the classic our machine vs. their
machine and we believe we can now compete with them in fair comparisons.
My point is this argument of CRT vs.CCD has been worn out and is no
longer valid in the HD world with the new technology that is out there
today. What we should be concentrating on these days however is bringing
the film production community up to speed on all the things that jump
out at you when working at these HD resolutions.( i.e.. film grain,
printer errors, camera focus, the use of filters )  We have transferred
over one hundred feature films in HD 1920x 1080i and I would have to say
that out of those only 40 of those have had the resolution in them to
notice a difference between the HD and the frame based down conversion
side by side on equal sized 28" monitors at the HD viewing distance.
This is not a meant to be a slight against the film production community
instead its a plea for open constructive dialog between the post world
and the production world on matters that will make a difference, not
wasted energy on CRT vs. CCD.

Howard Lukk
International Video Conversions

Thanks to Howard Lukk for support in 1998.
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