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Re: paper on CRT technology

On Oct 29, 17:14, bob at bluescreen.com wrote:
} Subject: Re: [TIG] paper on CRT technology

> You just never know who is being compensated to do what (publicly)
> these days.

At the risk of showing a bit of cynicism here, it occured to me that
if there were marketing motives in the paper, they could consist of:

1) a fairly obvious, transparent interest in the Philips Sprit, as
   demonstrated in the final few lines.
2) perhaps instead, the paper is so inarticulately presented 
   in order to create a backlash of support for the CRT and Cintel;
   is there a name for this effect, where the presenter is
   ingeniously cynical enough to engineer the inevitable discredit for
   the argument?  (perhaps someone could cite an historical
   precedent... even Shakespeare may have covered it.)

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