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paper review (was: The world of CRT)

On Oct 29, 16:54, Mike the Brit [Michael Orton] wrote:
} Subject: [TIG] The world of CRT

> presented cries out for review. I'd like to recommend that about a
> half-dozon TIGrs be available for a peer review process, nominated by
> people on the TIG. I'll start off by nominating Dave Corbitt and Martin
> Euridjian for this job.

fine nominations indeed.  I submit then the following list of 6
TIG'ers for the review board:

Mike Orton
Martin Euridjian
Dave Corbitt
Rich Torpey
Christopher Bacon
Dave Tosh

More importantly to me, however, is what we're trying to do here--
will there ever be any other "papers" for review?  Perhaps.  I
suppose, if for no other purpose, anything we can do to provide
verification of materials available on the World Wide Web is
beneficial; I'm amazed at how much misinformation is published on the
internet.  Whatever happened to the job of editor?

SMPTE has a formal submission, review, and acceptance process for
technical papers.  I imagine that what Mike is proposing here is that
the TIG 'review board' authenticate authoritative engineering
materials (AEM's) presented on behalf of our membership-- on the web,
via ftp, or other means, and in a considerably less formal atmosphere
than that of SMPTE.  I'm just not sure how many AEM's we're going to
have (who has the time?).  We're an informal group, by definition,
though with a steady, responsible core.

Other comments always welcome.  I've sent the author of the CRT paper
a compiliation of responses, perhaps he'll respond.  In the meantime,
I'll leave the document up but with pointers to the (strong)
responses.. no doubt it will be best to remove it soon.

TIG admin
(ps. the subject of this thread could have been changed to "pay per
(re)view" but those outside of the US might not have caught it)

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