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Re: paper review The world according to whom?

Rob Lingelbach wrote:

> More importantly to me, however, is what we're trying to do here--
> will there ever be any other "papers" for review?  Perhaps.  I
> suppose, if for no other purpose, anything we can do to provide
> verification of materials available on the World Wide Web is
> beneficial;

Ahh...hmm...excuse me, but isn't this sensorship?  What is the purpose
for such a review?  "Verification of materials"?  "Papers for review"?
Is this so someone else can decide for me what I should be able to
read and not read?  So what if someone posts a load a....(well you
know) on the TIG?  If it's wrong it's wrong, and it will then stimulate
discussion, which is, in a sense the bullshit filter.

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