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The world of CRT: revisited

Ladies & Gentlemen of the TIG:
Something of a correction: it was pointed out to me by one of my colleagues
at POP that the 400mm distance I had used below:

"My experience with Cintel tubes is that active tube length is roughly of
the order of 16" or 400mm.
The patch is about 4" square, giving a deflection of about 2" or 50mm.
Now lets do the (correct) math again:
Spot percentage increase = ((1/cos(arctan(50/400)))-1)*100 or about 0.78
I believe this figure represents the real world far more: around a 1% or so
fall-off in resolution at the picture edge".

...was a bit optimistic. In fact the distance between the deflection coils
and the CRT faceplate is indeed of the order of 10" or 254mm as was stated.
Let's run the calculation yet again:
Spot percentage increase = ((1/cos(arctan(50/254)))-1)*100 or about 1.9 percent.

Still a big difference compared to 17 or 18% stated...

I rest my case.

Hugs to all.

Mike Orton

P.S. to Mike Kaye...I hadn't touched a drop while I was writing the
original debunk, but now I've made up for it..... *-|  cheers (hic)

Thanks to Sam Holtz for support in 1998.
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