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Re: paper review The world according to whom?

On Oct 29, 19:11, "Michael C. Kaye" wrote:
} Subject: Re: paper review [TIG] The world according to whom?

> Ahh...hmm...excuse me, but isn't this sensorship?  What is the purpose
> for such a review?  "Verification of materials"?  "Papers for review"?

Mike, perhaps I wasn't as clear about it as I should have been.

We're not talking about the TIG mailinglist here, we're referring to
"Papers" --"Technical Papers" such as the "The World of CRT" paper
recently submitted to me, for publication on the TIG webserver, that
started this whole thread.  Putting a paper such as this on the web,
under the authority of the TIG, is 'publishing' and a process of
fact-checking is advisable.

The mailinglist is informal email (though available on the web as
archives).  The TIG webpages contain reference materials as well as
more informal opinions; we're talking here about validating the more
factual reference pages.

I agreed to put the "World of CRT" paper on the web for just the
purpose which it has served, to stimulate discussion on the topic in
question (I also made it clear that opinions were solicited); it also
stimulated discussion on the author's motives, and now on the process
by which we will accept such papers.  Mike Orton and Dave Corbitt are
suggesting that such papers not be published on the web as
representing fact, until they are verified.


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