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Re: paper review The world according to whom?

On Oct 29, 21:36, Rob Lingelbach wrote:
} Subject: Re: paper review [TIG] The world according to whom?

> The mailinglist is informal email (though available on the web as
> archives).  The TIG webpages contain reference materials 

Interestingly, in the 'references' section of the TIG webpages, are
listed links to telecine materials around the web.  There is also a
section of the TIG archives I had labelled "references" which are
compilations of discussion on various topics here on the TIG
mailinglist over the years.  (I see that it could use some updating;
the last compilation is on "Transfomania I".) ...I'm going to change
this heading right now to "discussions".  Anyway, authorities within
our group are represented, on each subject, generally, which lends to
these compilations at least some accountability.

Could someone recommend any of the threads of the past year or so for
inclusion in the "discussions" section?

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