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Re: paper review The world according to whom?

At 07:11 PM 10/29/98 -0800, Michael C. Kaye wrote:
>Ahh...hmm...excuse me, but isn't this sensorship?  

Your censorship may be another's editorial corrections to prevent those
embarrassing spelling and grammar errors that tend to distract the reader
and detract from the author's message.

Your censorship may be the opportunity for those who can detect those
"oops" type errors (SIN for ARCTAN in a formula) where the author (may)
know better but was missed in one person's proof-reading.

If the TIG membership had any interest in submitting authoritative
engineering papers for publication by Rob Lingelbach on his website on
through his mailing list, the publisher can call his own shots and the
author will benefit from the publication as well as from the editorial
review. If the TIG membership have an interest in reading reviews of
material available from other sources, those reviews authored by TIG
nominated reviewers that may be published by Rob are simply reviews-
certainly the opposite of censorship.

The review process may help the author make his point by improving his
paper, it may serve to point out areas of honest differences of opinion and
it may simply prevent feeble attempts at pseudo-science published as an
attempt to influence the membership of the TIG. I am concerned about each

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