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Some TIG subscribers have expressed concern that their postings to the
TIG mailinglist are possibly going to be subject to peer review (peery
view, pier reef view, pee review).

The mailinglist, which you're reading now, is like an informal
meeting, which any subscriber can join at any time, posting whatever
they'd like other subscribers to read (*see below).  It is a
closed group of professionals; it sometimes helps to think of it as an
informal meeting, not as boisterous as a party, not as serious as a
seminar.  A get-together at 3 PM?

The TIG webpages, with reference materials, are different, and serve a
few purposes: they are constantly available to anyone in the world
oustide of our small group of 1000 or so, as a published collection of
materials; they are an introduction to the TIG mailinglist; they are a
collection of the TIG mailinglist archives.  At last count, the main
index page has been accessed 67,918 times since September, 1994.
Small for the internet, large for our profession.

The previously proposed paper peer review (pay per pee review?) would
apply to certain reference documents put up on the web, not to this

*footnote: the package sent to new TIG subscribers includes the
 following rules and suggestion:

No personal abuse
No advertising or marketing without permission
No multiple-question "surveys" of subscribers without permission
Please help to maintain a high signal-to-noise ratio on the TIG.

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