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Re: paper review The world according to whom?

On Oct 31,  7:09, "Michael C. Kaye" wrote:
} Subject: Re: paper review [TIG] The world according to whom?

> > Your censorship may be another's editorial corrections to prevent those
> > embarrassing spelling and grammar errors that tend to distract the reader
> > and detract from the author's message.
> Simple errors like that shouldn't distract from the authors message, except
> for those "mental midgets" who are sitting there waiting for stuff like that to
> go, "oh goody goody, he made a mistake"! 

I think we're in an environment displacement here; Dave Tosh is
talking about web-based presentation of a professional paper, and Mike
Kaye is talking about messages such as these, via the mailinglist.
The mailinglist messages are more like talking, informal; a
scientific paper is presented, on the web, much as if it were in a
magazine, or book- the presentation can significantly affect the
reader's perception.  Such papers benefit from proofreading for
grammar, spell-checking, cogence, cohesion, etc.  Consider an analogy
of the manufacturing process: a prototype may have sloppy wiring, but
the final product is much better clean and unconfusing.  

The CRT paper was floated by the author as a trial balloon; I'm not
surprised that its science is flawed.  I was a bit surprised, as were
others, that its english was so poor, but it was a 'prototype'.


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