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Re: response- CRT paper

> From: Jerry Rodgers <Jerry.Rodgers at bfi.org.uk>
> Why did I do this? I was interested in the response such a
> paper would generate. BOY, DID IT HAPPEN!!

Well . . ., if this was as it appears - simply a method of soliciting
opinion, then I applaud Mr. Rogers.  Although it was "covert", it did
stimulate a great discussion.

This reminds me of my desire to have available to TIGr's an anonymous
method of posting; for instance, questions regarding technique.  We see
far to little of that type of discussion here (considering the treasure
trove of creative experience among our group).  Rob, though, is correct
in pointing out that this could also become an invitation for anonymous
mudslinging - any suggestions?

For instance, I know a certain Colorist who has recently seen a new
Chevy truck ad in which everything is an orangy/amber, except the
(beautifully) contrasting steel blue truck rumbling across the
countryside.  How was this done?

Tim Bond
DuArt Film & Video

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