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Re: response- CRT paper

>From: "Martin Euredjian" <martin at hollydig.com>
>The biggest problem with this line of reasoning is that, to a greater
>extent, it is the clients who decide what technology will be used to create
>their show.

I don't entirely agree about the client, so I'd like to put my two cents
in.  We, the engineers, colorist and management get first glance as to a
manufacturers new toy (usually a prototype) that they are developing for
the industry or where ever, (and scutinize and criticize the hell out of
it).  We are the ones that introduce the technology (aren't we) to the
clients to see if they would like to use a new piece of equipment, to give
them -  a better/different (ballsy) look; so our houses would be on - the
front of technology or the cutting edge over some other place.  And I'm
sure there are enough people with bad experiences who'd rather wait and see
(not avoid) or at least step gingerly with new technology or equipment
before it is put to use and billed to a client.

>Clients couldn't care less about what Nyquist, you or I have to
>say.  They are after that intangible "look" and "feel" of an image.  Show
>them the pictures.  That they understand.  Coulombs, ergs or nanoseconds
>don't intersect with their definition of reality.

...Which does go back to earlier discussions of equipment I'd rather not
bring up.  I haven't been in the post world too long.  But I've seen and
heard trends come and go.  As technology changes and advances, someone will
always come up with another way to do things as long as the paper was
written corectly  ;{>}.

Best Regards,

 R. Ricamonte (rickyr at mte.com)
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