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Re: Legal RGB limiters

Reinowski, Dave wrote:

> I am interested in a "outboard" RGB limiter box for our telecine suites.
> With a great deal of our transfer going to an SGI box, I need a device that
> is not as harsh as the legal limiters on the daVinci.
> Any comments or suggestion on limiters that you have tried would be greatly
> appreciated.

Hi Dave,
We have been using a unit from a Pommy crowd called "Eyeheight" with good
results for about a year now. It does a nice job of "soft" clipping at both
black and white extremes. I believe they are represented in the States by
Wohler, you can find info. at http://www.wohler.com/eyehit.htm
Usual disclaimers, I am just a satisfied customer.
Malcolm J. Todd, email malt at omnicon.com.au
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Sydney, Australia Fax......+(612) 9906 3246

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