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Re: 1080i color space?/ C-Reality demo

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<< What is the difference in colorspace between 1080i and 601?  What is
 done to convert from one colorspace to the other?
I work with a 601 SDTV monitor and a 709 HDTV monitor side by side, and when
both monitors are carefully calibrated, the color difference between them is
very slight.  The HDTV signal tends to exhibit slightly more red, especially
in the skin tones.  Of course, keeping an HDTV monitor in careful calibration
is no small task, as anyone using one can tell you.  I am definitely ready for
a more stable display than a huge CRT that can't hold it's color values when
there is too much white in the frame.
In regard to the C-Reality demo recently, I too was duly impressed.  I viewed
an I.P. reel on the HD machine, and the picture was very crisp and natural,
with no noticeable video noise, only the film grain structure was visible. The
resolution was amazing. Color control was a bit crude, as only the local panel
was able to operate the machine at that time, the communication bugs between
the CR and the daVinci 2K are still being worked out.  I liked what I saw, and
I'm anxious for a more in depth evaluation.
These opinions are my own, I receive no compensation, blah blah...although I
did get a nice pen from daVinci.

David Bernstein
Senior Colorist
High Definition Telecine Center, Universal Studios

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