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Re: 1080i color space?/ C-Reality demo

David Bernstein wrote:
>I work with a 601 SDTV monitor and a 709 HDTV monitor side by side, and
>both monitors are carefully calibrated, the color difference between them
>very slight.

That's absolutely right, but it's not the problem.  The issue is that stuff
you time as 601 could get upconverted by a cheap box without a color
and played back as if it were 709, and vice versa.  Does anyone think that
looks so very much better than 601 that it's worth keeping track of two
standards?  We've had drop and non-drop, dolby and non-dolby, and now we'll
601 and 709 stickers....  Is it worth it?

If you want, I can show you simulations of the possible mistakes as .BMP

-- J.S.

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