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RE: 1080i color space?/ C-Reality demo

> >I work with a 601 SDTV monitor and a 709 HDTV monitor side by side, and
> when
> >both monitors are carefully calibrated, the color difference between them
> is
> >very slight.
> That's absolutely right, but it's not the problem.  The issue is that
> you time as 601 could get upconverted by a cheap box without a color
> conversion,

It strikes me as rather odd that we have lived for many years with
programming being color corrected on SMPTE phosphor monitors
and then delivered as a PAL product for viewing on EBU phosphor
monitors.  The differences can be very striking, especially when
the program in question has been made to look "warm".  This "warmth"
typically manifests itself as a "very red show" when viewed with a
EBU phosphor monitor.

What sort of phosphors will the new 1080P/24 monitors have?  Assuming
that this standard proves to be a truly universal post production format, 
how will it look beside a standard definition SMPTE and EBU phosphor
monitor?  Will we have 1080P/24 SMPTE and EBU phosphor monitors?
Will the upconverters address whether or not the 601 signal was timed on
a EBU or SMPTE monitor?  Then again, maybe I'm missing something
and there is no issue here!

Jeff Dewolde

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