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Telecine software available

> On Nov 7,  2:07, Kay Sievert wrote:
> } Subject: Telecine software
> I finally put up a web site where our members can download some 
> utilities that I wrote.
> I don't know if this is useful for everyone, but it's all freeware -
> nothing commercial.
> So far I wrote a utility for calculating film running time for 
> 16/35mm and speeds from 2 to 60 fps.
> There's a Win 95/98/NT and a DOS version available.
> If you think that this might be interesting for some of our members, 
> here's the link:
> http://home.att.net/~KaySievert/tcsoft.html
> Best regards,
> Mr. Kay Sievert.
> Fotokem, Burbank.

}-- End of excerpt from Kay Sievert
Kay, I'll post your message right away, thanks.

Can you make the source available for someone to port to MacOS and


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