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Re: response- CRT paper/DTV

>The impact that DTV will have on telecine suites in the not to distant
>future will be the need for bigger viewing screens. A couple of post
>have installed Stewart screens of about the 7 ft x 5 ft varity but
>also heard that some telecine/colorists refuse to use that screen for
>proper evaluation of the big picture.

I saw today images of DTV that will be launched here in UK in a few
days, I was horrified, this is absolute crap, a disaster: it looks like
a noise reducer pushed to maximum, we can forget about VAC, film grain
and all these things. Has anyone seen this? I can't believe this is our
future TV standard. If I put a monitor showing the result on air in my
suite, clients will wonder if there is a point to spend money on


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