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RE: Aaton Use in Episodic

> I'd be interested in hearing from anyone using the Aaton (camera/code)
> system on an episodic job.
Our company handles post production for the Paramount TV series,
"Clueless."  Clueless shoots with a 35mm Panavision camera using Aaton
film timecode.  They record their sound on the new Deva audio hard disk
recording system.  This Aaton code/Deva combination has worked very well
for us as it allows us to transfer sound and picture in telecine
extremely efficiently.  The Deva non-linear audio recorder is able to
chase the time code on the film (even accross camera stops) creating the
effect of a single system for sound and picture.  This system has worked
very reliably for us since the middle of last season.  I will be happy
to try and connect you with the camera department on Clueless if you
wish, or perhaps our colorists may also be able to answer other
questions for you.

Michael Levy, Matchframe
(818) 840-6800       

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