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digital panavision

Hi guys.

The s16 full feature "Zingo" we made using Spirit/Inferno/Celco is
opening up in Stockholm next week. Hope to get some comments on it. We
tested a DVD master from a transfer of the trailer print compared to one
from the re-scaled DATA version. A hell of a difference. We have
rescaled the whole thing now for the video/DVD release.

I have sent a print of the same trailer to some TIG'ers but not received
any feedback.

In order to test this route to the full we have just finished shooting a
short full frame Panavision production that we will scan at 1920x1440
and run anamorphic through the system.This should show what the
limitations are. Will produce a stack of both prints and DVD's. Anyone
interested please e-mail me directly.

Also from different sources it seems that hi-def. digital projection for
the cinemas is moving closer and closer. This will be a situation where
the digital lab process will really win some quality. Has anyone been
involved in any of the print/digital projection shootouts lately? If yes
please drop a mail.

Best regards

Kris, Destiny-601 & The Warehouse, Denmark.

Thanks to Dave Corbitt and MTE for support in 1998.
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