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SMPTEHollywood-WED, Nov. 11

To all:

Please note that the SMPTE Hollywood Section meeting is WEDNESDAY, Nov
11 not Tuesday as in the mailed notice.  This is a very important
meeting for everyone in Telecine Services.  The subject is 1080P
(progressive) 24 Frame by 1920 pixels post production.  This is
especially designed and optimized for film to video post production.
This means that there is no 2/3 conversion involved.  The project is
finished entirely in 24 frame progressive  and then is converted to the
distribution format of choice---1080I, 720P, 480P or 480I.  It also
directly converts to 25 frames for international distribution with the
usual 4% speedup.  The standard follows the existing SMPTE interface
standard 274M which contains a variant for 24 Frame progressive.

SMPTE formed a sub-group (M21.04-Chaired by Jerry Pierce-DVCC,
Universal) as part of the M21 Multimedia Technology Parent Group
(Chaired by Gavin Schutz-4MC).  This sub-group has been on a fast track
and has nearly finished it's work with three proposed
standards--Mastering, Format Conversion and Monitoring.
Many manufactures have already pledged to support the standard and have
equipment ready by NAB 99 --  less than 6 months away.  If you are a
manufacturer or end user and want to participate in the on going process
please email me if you want further information. (You do not need to be
a SMPTE member to join a committee.)

This Wednesday, Nov 11 meeting will be presented by Larry Thorpe of Sony

and David Wiswell of Panasonic.  This is very well worth your time to
attend and express your support or other opinions.  The meeting is at
theater of the Gene Autry Museum in Griffith Park.

Best Regards,   Bill

Bill Hogan    bhogan at sprocketdig.com    v.818-566-7700
Sprocket Digital    Burbank,CA        f.818-566-4477

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