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Re: response /DTV / Poor Quality

Jean Clement posted;
>> I saw today images of DTV that will be launched here in UK in a few
>>days, I was horrified, this is absolute crap, a disaster: it looks like
>>a noise reducer pushed to maximum, .......

I hope that they were showing JC the images on a 100Hz display which for
some years now has been touted as the answer to the flicker problem of 
the 50Hz PAL system but in effect produces a smeared mush of detail
which is truly awful. This  "advance" has been pushed on to the consumer
market by all of the manufacturers and seems totally at odds with what 
they know are the standards they are expected to produce in their
broadcast and post production markets. 

I have not seen DTV transmission yet but given that the MPEG involved
in DVD can look stunning on a conventional 50Hz display then there is
every hope that a significant improvement should result from its
involvment in DTV.

Seamus O'Kane
VTR Ltd . London.

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