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NYC Section SMPTE Meeting 11/16/98

                New York Section Meeting Notice


Wednesday, 18 NOV 1998

90 Park Avenue (at 40th Street), 9th Floor
New York, NY

5:15PM REFRESHMENTS / SOCIAL HOUR, courtesy Eastman Kodak

                         ~ PROGRAM ~

THE WAY IT WAS: Visual Communications

Jerome Menell / formerly of Menell Associates Inc.
When was "visual education" first proposed as a teaching tool and how did we
evolve into "audio visual" training? Did these technical advancements influence
the development of silent and sound motion pictures as well as radio and
television broadcasting? What were some of the landmark developments that led
to today's complex multi-media communications technology? And how did the
corporate community benefit from these developments? Jerry Menell, one of the
pioneers in
the audio-visual field, will explain and illustrate our progress toward the
"magic" we see and hear today.


Franz Wieser / Arriflex Corporation
This new 35mm machine provides a simple answer to dailies on location and needs
no dedicated space. It's a variable-speed projector AND a telecine, and capable
of interfacing with an Avid editing system. It makes it possible to view film
dailies or prints or transfer them anytime, anywhere. Franz Wieser will
demonstrate its many features and explain how the system works on location and
suggest how this revolutionary piece of equipment will influence the way movies
are made.

NOTE: VHS tapes of select meetings will be available for $10 + $3 shipping.
Contact Ray Blumenthal at 201-392-4909.

Rich Torpey

Thanks to Innovation TK for support in 1998.
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