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Re: 24 or 30 fps ?

On Nov 11, 23:34, "JC Soret" wrote:
} Subject: [TIG] 24 or 30 fps ?

> Hi, I would like to know if commercials in the US are shot 24 or 30
> fps. I thought 30 fps was the logical way: one film frame for one video

JC, my experience is that most commercials shot by US production
companies for distribution here are shot and transferred at 24 fps.
All of the work I've done in the past few years for Japan, however,
was shot and transferred at 30 fps.  Most commercials with special
effects are shot and transferred at 30 fps.

We've debated several times the merits of 24 vs. 30 for various
viewing scenaria-- personally, I prefer 24 for theatrical showing, and
I'm sure I'll prefer 24P over 30P. (wish I could be at the LA SMPTE
meeting tonight that demonstrates 24P/1080i.)  I believe the slower
framerate is more evocative, and better for telling a story.

> they get rid of the 3/2 pull down, composite the scene, and put the 3/2
> back. Is it common practice? 

perhaps someone will correct me if their experience is different, but
I think almost all jobs here in the US that involve compositing are
shot and transferred/edited at 30.  I do recall working on a few that
were shot 24 and cinecompressed/cineexpanded through the effects
process, but very much in the minority.

--Rob Lingelbach
Senior Colorist FWC Dallas

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